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There is no escaping, it's on it's way to our shores!!

There is no escaping, it’s on it’s way to our shores!!

It’s never too early to think about your office Christmas party!!

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Karaoke Hen Party Bags

A trend that will carry on in 2015 will be the hen party gift bag, with these you’ll give out to your guests a tailor made bag of essentials for the night and the morning after. We have come up with a few suggestions for a karaoke hen party gift bag.

1. Throat Sweets – Lets get this one out of the way early, we know that on the night and the next morning your throat will be sore from singing. Get prepared early with some throat sweets to sooth those vocal chords and enable you to gossip about the night before.

2. Disposable Camera – This is an essential for any Hen Party gift bag. Don’t endanger your phone by getting it out while you’re all dancing and singing by using a disposable camera to document the night. The wait for the pictures with add to the excitement to see them and with your phone safely in your bag you won’t be tempted to text your ex about what a horrible person they are.

3. ‘Special Straws’ – A classic of any hen party right there. Adding humour to every sip of your drink these are an essential to the night. Lets just not talk about last time Granny was using one, I’m not so sure she wanted to get rid of it.

4. Feather Boa – When you get up to sing, what says ‘I’m a diva’ than a feather boa wrapped nonchalantly around your neck? These can also double up as lassos for catching stray men, a scarf for when it is cold at the end of the night and for any burlesque acts you might want to put on at anytime.

5. Photo Booth Accessories – You may not have hired a photo booth (although you can get one here) however that doesn’t mean that you can’t jazz up any of your pictures with these novelty items. You could go incognito with some glasses and a moustache for many photos to cover up any debauchery that you get up to.


Marryoke.. It’s marriage – plus karaoke!

Planning a wedding is no easy task! People are constantly looking for something that’s unique, fun, something that differs their wedding from the rest to make it special. Who doesn’t want to have a wedding that people will remember?

Now you can move away from the traditional band or DJ and use “marryoke” as means of entertaining your guests, standing out, and doing something unique, while getting them involved in the entertainment!

Marryoke is a hot new wedding karaoke trend where newly wed couples can sing duets with classics such as; “You’re The One That I Want” or recent anthems such as “Drunk In Love” and all their guests can reveal their feelings on the microphone and have a great time. It’s not just the bride and groom who feature; kids, parents and guests have the opportunity to leave their mark on an unforgettable wedding reception.

At a very reasonable cost, you can easily hire one of our new machines which will be posted to your home or the venue, which means you won’t have to wait in for the delivery. One thing less to worry about!

And, we all know that pleasing every person is always difficult, however, with over 9000 songs to choose from, you’ll definitely find something to please everyone. Nobody will be left out!

After the event is over, you can share the special memories through social media by uploading a fun and unique video with your guests singing along to romantic hits such as ‘Perfect Day’ or high-energy pop songs such as “I Got a Feeling.” All your guests will look like stars and special moments will be captured in a fun and original way.

So, no more traditional wedding parties!… You can give your party a whole new touch and make everyone have an unforgettable night.

It’ll be a night the bride, groom and their loved ones will never forget!

We hope this has helped you to plan a fantastic karaoke party, and for any questions or enquiries you may have, feel free to give us a call on 0207 060 3610 or email us at

Happy Karaoke-ing!

*Drink responsibly.

World Cup Karaoke – Group H

Group H had two teams in it that could always cause an upset, South Korea and Algeria. South Korea showed that they could progress in the large tournaments after their showing in the 2002 world cup. Algeria played very well in the Africa Cup of Nations and were tipped by some pundits to get the furthest out of all African teams. The big guns of the group were Belgium and Russia, both teams impressing throughout qualifying and a lot of people tipping Belgium to win the world cup overall.

Belgium topped the group after winning all of their games. The main highlight of the Belgian team’s tactics was that their substitutes seemed to have such a massive impact on the game, after looking quite lacklustre against Algeria and trailing in the second half they put Marouane Fellani into the fold, subsequently he scored swinging the momentum to Belgium to go on and win the game. The same situation happened in their second game, however Divock Origi was introduced in place of Romelu Lukaku and scored against the Russians in the 88th minute. The replacements seem to be better, because of that we will have Eden Hazard singing ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ in the style of The Bugles.

Algeria were tipped by Gary Lineker to progress the furthest out of all of the African sides at this tournament. They recorded an emphatic 4-2 win against South Korea, after practically wrapping up the game in the first half going in 3-0 up, and a draw against the Russians was enough to put them through the group stage. The Algerians always played a fantastic attacking style of play that many compared to the style that the Brazilian team, where expression with the ball is heralded over a safe style of play. The freedom of style that the players played with was so much that their manager Vahid Halilhodzic should sing ‘Express Yourself’ in the style of Labrinth.

Fans of the England team under Fabio Capello would know that his pragmatic style of play stiffled even the most creative players, with the odds forever being in your favour if you make it difficult for the other teams to break you down then you are more than likely to progress with a point. The wirey old Italian hasn’t gone far from his old ways with a Russian team that lacked the spark of old. With the worst result they suffered at the world cup a 1-0 loss and their other two results being 1-1 draws, the Russian public have been less than impressed. Due to being a near perfect look a like and the fact that his football was not much to sing about, Fabio Capello will be singing ‘Postman Pat’

South Korea came last in this group. They showed that they have a lot of very skillful players but in the end they didn’t have enough class overall to progress out of the group stage. That was unfortunate for a team that has been improving from the Asian section of the FIFA qualification sections. This year has been the first time they haven’t won a game at a world cup finals since 1998 showing that they need to improve next time around. Due to their success before this world cup their manger Hong Myung-Bo will be singing ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ in the style of Cher.

We hope this has helped you to have a fantastic karaoke party, and for any questions or enquiries you may have, feel free to give us a call on 0207 060 3610 or email us at

Happy Karaoke-ing!

*Drink responsibly.

World Cup Karaoke – Group G

World Cup group G was filled with star talent, with the creative genius of Ozil in the German team, Clint Dempsey’s patriotism, the power of Asamoah Gyan and the best footballer on the planet in Cristiano Ronaldo. With the lowest ranked team in the group being Ghana at 31 but the other three teams being in the top 20 it was set up to be a spectacle.

Germany showed their efficiency to show up in the big games, in their first game they demolished Portugal 4-0 setting the tone for the rest of The World Cup. Drawing against Ghana in their second game set up a thrilling final game against America where both teams only had to draw to progress. This showdown put the former coach of Germany, Jurgen Klinsmann, against his former assistant manager Joachim Low. This was set to be one of the best games of the tournament where both teams were not going to settle for the simple option of the draw but go all out to win the game. Germany and America were playing fast paced attacking football up until the 55th minute when Thomas Muller scored for Germany, settling the Germans down to absorb all attacks by the USA. Muller has played in a style that nobody has been able to cope with, his pace and accuracy are second to none and he is demolishing teams, for that reason we think he should sing ‘Demolition Man’ in the style of Sting.

USA looked like they could end up being whipping boys of this group after some questions were asked of manger Jurgen Klinsmann when he left all time leading goalscorer Landon Donovan at home and chose to take Joze Altidore instead. That choice looks to have paid off after they beat Ghana and drew with Portugal to progress to the next round of the world cup. Clint Dempsey has shown everybody why Klinsmann had so much faith in him before this world cup, not that fans of the EPL needed to know how prolific he was in front of goal. That is why Depsey is singing ‘Real American’ in the style of Rick Derringer.

Portugal came to the world cup after a play-off win against Sweden, a fiercely contested game showcasing the best of both teams, with Portugal winning 4-2 on aggregate. Christiano Ronaldo showed his true class throughout the whole contest, getting all 4 of Portugal’s goals. This reliance on Ronaldo showed in the first game when Germany game planned to frustrate the enigmatic Portuguese winger and cut off his supply. This game plan worked for Germany as they turned over the Portuguese 4-0. The sign of a great team is to never admit defeat even when the odds are stacked against you, and this showed in the second game of the tournament when Portugal scored in the very last minute of stoppage time to rescue a point from The USA. Then it came down to the maths in their final game against Ghana where if they could win by 5 goals they could progress if America lost. Unfortunately they couldn’t beat Ghana by more than a single goal and were subsequently knocked out of the tournament. So after all of his efforts on the pitch, Ronaldo should make some effort on the stage by singing ‘Fighting With Myself’ in the style of LP.

Ghana’s appearance at this world cup war marred by the off field issues that the team had, with the players going on strike because they hadn’t been paid and then with Kevin Prince Boateng and Sulley Muntari being sent home hours before a game due to disobedient behaviour in training sessions. These issues however did not distract from the fact that they could have also got through to the next round if they had beat Portugal by more than a few goals as it was still mathematically still possible in their final game. Kevin Prince Boateng and Sulley Muntari could be seen to sabotage the progression into the second round of the World Cup, so fitting with this they will duet ‘Sabotage’ in the style of Beastie Boys

We hope this has helped you to have a fantastic karaoke party, and for any questions or enquiries you may have, feel free to give us a call on 0207 060 3610 or email us at

Happy Karaoke-ing!

*Drink responsibly.

World Cup Karaoke – Group F

Group F was set up to be a walk in the park for Argentina with the rest of the three teams scrapping it out to progress in second. The group consisted of first timers Bosnia and Herzegovina qualifying for a major tournament as an independent country, Nigeria after winning the Africa Cup of nations and Iran, a team that have consistantly qualified over the past 20 years but havent progressed any further than the group stage.

Argentina topped the group with maximum points as expected but the road to their perfect qualification was rocky to say the least. It all started so well for the Argentinians as they got the lead in the 3rd minute of their first match against Bosnia and Herzegovina and then a second goal coming in the 65th minute from talisman Leo Messi. Bosnia and Herzegovina were not going down so easy, mounting a comeback in the last 10 minutes with a goal from Ibisevic although that wasn’t enough to claw back a draw. Then the Argentinians were pushed to the very last minute by Iran, with a wonder goal from who else but Messi in stoppage time to get the win. The last game was a fantastic spectacle from both teams, with Nigeria being able to top the group if they won they were pushed the entire game, ending the spectacle at 3-2, with Messi getting on the score sheet. With Messi showing his class throughout the whole of the group stage, he will be singing ‘Golden Touch’ in the style of Razorlight.

Nigeria showed the same quality they had in the Africa Cup of Nations, showing the clinical nature that is needed to do so well in cup tournaments. After what some saw as dropped points in their opening game against Iran they bounced back with a 1-0 win over Bosnia and Herzegovina in their second game, with a goal from Odemwingie. Their final game was a scrap, but qualication was all but a formality by then. With Odemwindine’s want away relationship with most of his clubs, he will be singing ‘I Just Don’t Love You No More’ in the style of Craig David.

Bosnia and Herzegovina came into this competition as European dark horses. They didn’t drop a point in qualification and came to the tournament in fine form. This being their first outing at a major tournament they were dropped in at the deep end, having to face joint favoutites Argentina in their first game. After scoring anown goal in the 3rd minute of their first match, they never really recovered to the same form they had coming into the tournament. As this was their first time at the tounrament the whole team should sing ‘For The First Time In Forever’ from the movie soundtrack for Frozen

Iran came to The World Cup with very little funding overshading their acheivement to be there, being told that they couldn’t swap shirts with other teams because they couldn’t afford to replace them. They lacked a clinical nature in front of goal, having only scored a single goal in the group stages, but they also showed that they were strong in defense only conceding a single goal in their first two games. The star of the show in many of their games was Ashkan Dejagah, and considering Andy Townsend asking if his nickname is Mick, Ashkan should sing ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ in the style of The Rolling Stones.

We hope this has helped you to have a fantastic karaoke party, and for any questions or enquiries you may have, feel free to give us a call on 0207 060 3610 or email us at

Happy Karaoke-ing!

*Drink responsibly.

World Cup Karaoke – Group E

Group E overall was comparable to a WWE Royal Rumble in the end, with Honduras and Ecuador both showing the physicality of South American football, while in their own right France and Switzerland bringing their own physical style of play to the table.

France topped the table after steamrolling the first two teams they played against. Their team seems to be a mixture of stars who endured a tough time 2 seasons ago, Giroud was unwanted by fans after failing to hit the same form he had before his transfer, Pogba was unwanted by Sir Alex and Benzema was surplus to requirement at Real Madrid. Since then these players have grown some resolve and after each player having a fantastic season before the world cup they have rode the wave all the way to Brazil to emulate France ’98. The person reaping all the benefits of this is Didier Deschamps who is dubbed ‘The Lucky Star’ by many of the people who he played with because he played so well and won honours at all the clubs he played for. So for Didier Deschamps, we have nominated Samir Nasri’s girlfirend to sing ‘Get Lucky’ in the style of Daft Punk.

In this group Switzerland have shown a consitancy and the hard work that other players have to make their star player shine. They like France had some ‘nearly’ men in their team in Lichtensteiger to right-winger who got to the semi- finals of the Europa League and Shakiri getting to the quarter finals of the Champions League. This has created the desire for them to complete the task at hand and compete for the world cup. Due to the likeness of their names and the fact that it is a world cup, Shakiri will be singing ‘Waka Waka’ in the syle of Shakira.

England fans got a showing of how feisty the Ecuadorian team are, especially at the end when Antonio Valencia shoved Raheem Sterling after a rash challenge was put in by the Liverpool player. They played very well, and pushed France in their final game even after going down to 10 men. In the end though, they unfortunately went out of the tournament, and singing for the Ecuadorians is their manager Reinaldo Rueda singing ‘Almost Is Never Enough’ in the style of Arianna Grande

Honduras propped up group E in the end and with their strength it seemed as if they could do that on their own. In each game Honduras really took a physical style of football to their opponents and tested the other teams temper with some dubious tackles going in. Unfortunately Honduras lost every game and didn’t lose any spirit in any of those games. Due to their aggressive approach towards the games we have put enforcer Wilson Palacios up to the plate to sing ‘Fight Music’ in the style of Eminem and D12.

We hope this has helped you to have a fantastic karaoke party, and for any questions or enquiries you may have, feel free to give us a call on 0207 060 3610 or email us at

Happy Karaoke-ing!

*Drink responsibly.

World Cup Karaoke – Group D

Group D was always going to be followed closely with 3 previous winners of the World Cup in the group, it was always going to be hard to predict who would come out on top. Along with the fact there was three gigantic footballing nations there was also Costa Rica, a team that a few people had tipped as dark horses to win the entire competition.

Costa Rica shocked a lot of European fans when they topped the group. A nation of just under 5 million people and with relative unknowns other than Brian Ruiz (once of Fulham) trounced Uruguay in the first game and then held out against Italy for a win in their second game. They have gone from strength to strength in this world cup, putting in much more complete performances as each game progresses. So as a team getting stronger they will be singing ‘Stronger’ in the style of Kanye West

Uruguay looked like they were down and out after their first game, but they got their star player in Luis Suarez back in their second game to face England. Suarez introduction to the team has seemed to change everything and they took the sword to England scoring in the first half just before the break and after England drew level, Suarez twisted the knife and scored off of a deflected header from of all people Steven Gerrard. It was all down to Uruguay and their talisman in their last game against Italy, the prize being a place in the last 16 of the tournament. With both teams at a stale mate, Suarez temper broke as he bit Giorgio Chiellini and not long after Uraguay scored from a corner. So in honour of Suaraz fierce nature in this match, he should sing ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’ in the style of Duran Duran

Italy looked like they would top the group after the first game. Italy opened the tournament with a replay of the Euro 2012 quarter final against England where Italy won on penalties then, looking to repeat the win in normal time and show their consistent dominance. After winning their first game against England, the Italian’s rode their high into their next game against Costa Rica, with their star man Balloteli tweeting that the queen should give him a kiss if he scored in the game. Italy unfortunately lost that game, giving them their showdown against Uruguay. Despite not getting through the group stages, they had the everlasting class of Pirlo in midfield, a player with so much talent he orchestrates the game. So singing ‘My Way’ in the style of Frank Sinatra is Pirlo.

England went into this competition with no expectations their team of aging stars replaced with up and coming youngsters. The same story seems to be on repeat for England at major tournaments, they show promise but they aren’t clinical enough to finish off games. With each game being in the balance and England actually having opportunity to win the games, they still disappointed some fans that they couldn’t complete the task at hand. Considering all of the qualities of the squad but their faults, we have got the perfect song for Roy Hodgeson to sing for the squad, so step up Roy to sing “Rabbit’ in the style of Chas and Dave.

We hope this has helped you to have a fantastic karaoke party, and for any questions or enquiries you may have, feel free to give us a call on 0207 060 3610 or email us at

Happy Karaoke-ing!

*Drink responsibly.

World Cup Karaoke – Group C

Croup C was always difficult to predict, with talent laden teams like Ivory Coast, Practically locals in Columbia, the passion of the Greek team still reveling in their Euro victory, and Japan a dark horse in the group with super talented players but some players who haven’t played at the very top level.

Winners Columbia showed that South American advantage counts for a lot this tournament. Well that and the fantastic skill of Couadrado and Rodriguez, standing in for the injured Falcao they look like they aren’t playing plan B football. The whole team have shown a true ability though, nd thats the ability to dance. After every goal they have some fantastic coardinated dance moves. As theyve started a new dance craze, its only fitting that they sing ‘The Macarena’ in the style of Los del Rio.

Runners up Greece have continued to show that solidarity in the team is much more important than having big star names. They might be an aging squad but they’ve all bought into their managers plan on how to win games. It took an extra time penalty against Ivory Coast for greece to progress to the knockout stages. This slow and steady pace needed a beat that everyone can plod on along to. So for Greece to sing as a whole team, we suggest the sing ‘Staying Alive’ in the style of the Bee Gees.

The Ivory Coast have endured a tough time in the past few years, and especially at this tournament there were berevements that sent ripples through the team. On paper Ivory Coast are possibly the best African team at this tournament, players like Didier Drogba who has carried mediocre teams through tough times and Yaya Toure who practically won Man City the Premiership this year. This World Cup for them is one to be forgotten, so lets remember another event with their star player Yaya Toure so lets remember his birthday, so everybody sing for him ‘Happy Birthday’.

Japan have always had some fantastic technical players in their side. This year they had been put in a group with 2 Countries that have been to the finals of their continental tournements in the past 10 years, a tough group for a team that seem to be labeled an emerging team each tournament even though they have well established players. They’ve played well in the first half getting all of their goals in the first half, but struggled in the second half. So for the whole team, they will be singing ‘9 to 5’ in the style of Dolly Parton as they’ve not worked any extra this tournament.

We hope this has helped you to have a fantastic karaoke party, and for any questions or enquiries you may have, feel free to give us a call on 0207 060 3610 or email us at

Happy Karaoke-ing!

*Drink responsibly.


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